Stainless steel kitchenware is available at home, but do you know the maintenance method?

Stainless steel tableware is used in many households because it is much stronger than ceramic tableware.

But after using stainless steel kitchen utensils for a long time, if you don't pay attention, it will lose its beautiful luster. It's a pity to lose it. What should I do? To make stainless steel kitchen utensils have a long service life, it is necessary to do a good job in maintaining stainless steel kitchen utensils! Let's let the stainless steel kitchenware manufacturer Keda Xiaobian teach you the maintenance method of stainless steel kitchenware.

Stainless steel kitchenware manufacturers

1. Before use

You can apply a thin layer of vegetable oil (not animal oil) on the surface of the stainless steel kitchen utensils, and then dry it on the fire, which is equivalent to applying a protective film on the surface of the kitchen utensils, so that the stainless steel kitchen utensils are not easy to rust. It is easy to clean and prolong the service life.

2. Keep it dry

When stainless steel kitchen utensils are not used for a long time or after use, they should be cleaned and dried in time to prevent the surface of stainless steel kitchen utensils from being corroded and rusted by water or stains.

3. Avoid dry burning

Stainless steel heats up quickly. Do not use a violent fire after putting oil in the stainless steel pot. When cooking food with stainless steel kitchen utensils, you should put enough water to avoid dry burning.

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